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     In April 2007, Mulberry Sukhumvit 23 was founded aspired by the same philosophy. It is designed to offer serenity within an urban reach for Metropolitan family. Proclaiming itself as one-of-a-kind family spa, a family feel is what inspires the whole place with Mulberry essentially creating a menu for all including a unique menu for children age 5 to 12. A separate family lounge is allocated to accommodate and to ensure peace for other guests.A Spa compound is set amidst a quiet corner with lush orchards just a short drive from BTS Asoke Station. The three cluster homes of ?Ruan Ton? (Primary House), ?Ruan Makork? (Olive pavilions) and ?Ruan Mali? (Jasmine pavilions) was once the residence of the Pibulsonggrams, the family of former prime minister Field Marshal Por Pibulsonggram. The air of aristocracy still reverberates in the original Thai Colonial architecture which has been preserved and enhanced with character of the Chino?Portuguese interior influences of Rattanakosin Era. Mulberry Spa invites you to experience a unique atmosphere and the ultimate ?Rattanakosin Spa? experience.