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Mulberry Hot Tea Oil Massage
     * We brew special oil of 100% pure sweet almond base with Mulberry Tea leaf that gives fresh organic feels, and mulberry extract for brighter skin. Mulberry Tea Oil is specially brewed for about 2-4 weeks for best result. We then mix Lavender pure essential oil right before the massage.

Aromatic Experience
* The Mulberry Tea Oil is put on a burner under heat, to allow the essential oil within to evaporate and embrace you while having a massage. The essential you in hale match with the one to be massage and absorbed through the skin, which create harmony and most effectively apply aroma therapy.

Warm & professional Thai Touch Therapy
* Aroma massage is performed by also applying Thai Technique. As the oil is set under heat through out the massage time, it ensures that every touch in warming, relaxing, and most pleasant.